Friday, October 22, 2010

The trick to a Green Halloween: organic, vegan, healthier treats

For a safe fun Halloween: When it comes to costumes, I vote for fresh air, preferring props that don't cover the face, especially masks made of toxic PVC vinyl (for my PVC lecture, see bottom of this blog). When it comes to treats,the main attraction, adults know to check kids' loot bags for safety, and this includes reading labels to make sure, at minimum, candies come from identifiable and traceable sources. Then, if you can, nix the high-fructose-corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils, organic or not! If your child brings home unlabeled candies, “trade” them for organic, fairly traded treats--the ones you've been giving out, of course, as a good green parent and community member.
Green Halloween Sweet Treats:
Endangered Species organic "bug bites" and more
Annie's Organics vegan (no gelatin) little packets of gummi bunnies
: Lake Champlain's new individual wrapped organic chocolate squares Newman's Own Organic chocolate cups, cookies, soy crisps Sweet Earth foil-wrapped milk and dark chocolate coins;
Yummy Earth organic, gluten-free individually wrapped lollipops, check out their super-natural ingredients Sour Z treats or Gummy Worms
organic raisins) and chocolate treats, U.S.-made chocolate coins by reputable companies likeVermont’s Lake Champlain, and organic cookies shaped like cats, bats and autumn leaves from Dancing Deer. Find nearby retailers on company websites; or check at Whole Foods. Also, as much as possible, buy from local producers you know and trust. Check your yellow pages or local “green” pages or food magazines, for candymakers near you; many independent bakeries also make confections, including chocolates and fruit gels. Type in your zip code at Sustainable Table and zoom into your local food network.

More treats:

Fairly traded, foil-wrapped mint-chocolate bits at Kate's Caring Gifts

Sweet Earth Very Scary organic milk or dark chocolate colorful wrapped "coins," skulls, witches' hats, bats

For a handy organic, fair trade chocolate, mobile-handy shopping guide, click here, and check out the other product lists and criteria at
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Remember...screen, then have a screaming good time!

*For more info on phthalates in synthetic fragrance and plastics, and how to avoid them, click here

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