Thursday, March 15, 2007

Organic Cotton Finds

Need something new to wash? With the pennies you’ve saved hanging some clothes dry, mixing your own cleaners and using rags instead of disposable synthetic cloths, treat yourself to a soft, sweet fling in organic cotton. The U.S. market for organic cotton has blossomed from $86 million in 2001 to $275 million in 2005, so there’s a lot of the stuff in play and it’s getting more and more affordable.

Before you search the web, take a look around your locale and you might score a find. In my neighborhood outlet shop, for instance, my pal Erin the Eagle-eyed snagged a flouncy white organic cotton skirt, locally made by Ryann, for only $25. Ryann’s owner and designer Raina Blyer uses only organic cotton or recycled fiber fabrics with low-impact dyes. And transporting the skirt from the Lower East Side to Chelsea burned only two fuel miles. Plus, It could also work as a cape, so Erin really got two garments in one. See

Got any recommendations for locally made green clothing in your hometown? Or gripes about the lack thereof? Please let us know!