Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Products for Phthalate- and Paraben-Free Personal Care and Indoor Air

We Heart Green Cosmetics!

A couple quick new finds and tips for warming and freshening up these waning(but draining) days of winter...but first, don't forget to register for a giveaway of organic EndangeredWildlife lip balms on my home page,!

Tropical Phthalate-Free Soaps and Air Fresheners

Yum, tuberose, pikake, all the scents we Hawaiians love to wear in flower leis, are now available in big bath bars of soap from Alora Ambiance, a small company founded by two sisters. I'm a convert to their essential oil diffusers, too, which use only plant essential oils in glass jars; natural reed stems lift the fragrance into bath or bedroom air.

For a great d.i.y. bathroom air freshener, the Feb issue of Whole Living Magazine recommends hanging a bouquet of dried herbs and flowers--shower steam diffuses their scent. On p. 56, there are great green tips for gentler home hair color brands without ammonia, plus how-to's.

Also see this month's feature on "Cozying Up" your winter home by Sarah Engler--insulated drapes, wool clogs,onion soup, pillows & throws. Energy-saving & snug.

Top Mineral Powder Makeups: Pat Don't Puff!

Let's face it, no makeup except maybe d.i.y. cornstarch is perfectly pure, but the following are definitely phthalate-and-paraben free and work great! Brush a bit on palm of hand and stroke on with fingers or cotton to keep loose particles from irritating lungs/eyes.

Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals
Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup
Mineral Fusion
Physicians Formula Organic Wear

For a full list of purer personal care brands, and a great string of comments, see my Phthalate-and-Paraben Free blog. And check out the Filthy Fifteen Cosmetics Ingredients,specific looks at product categories, and more (for going green in every category of daily life) in my book, Do One Green Thing.

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