Monday, April 19, 2010

Top green liquid dish soaps

A botanically- rather than petroleum-derived dish soap is gentler on hands, eyes and lungs, and aquatic life it eventually touches after going down the drain. I have vetted the ingredients in the recommended products on this list, and found them to be free of the "Lose It" ingredients one should most avoid in liquid soaps: APEs and NPEs, fragrance, sodium laureth sulfate and other ethoxylated ingredients, and the antibacterial chemical triclosan. Meaningful third-party certifications are noted; in a heartening trend, most of these products have received the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment (DfE) seal.

CLOROX GREENWORKS: DfE; in tests by the Organic Consumers Association, it had no detectable traces of 1, 4, dioxane, a suspected carcinogen that can be released as a byproduct in certain manufacturing processes.

DR. BRONNER'S CASTILE SOAPS certified fair trade, USDA certified organic plant ingredients, 100% post consumer recycled packaging. No detectable dioxane in OCA tests.

ECOS (EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS) DfE Although I don't like grapefruit really, I like their gentle grapefruit dish liquid.


MIESSENCE MIENVIRON DISHWASHING CONCENTRATE (with certified organic plant ingredients, ranked a top 10 for health by GoodGuide


SEVENTH GENERATION leaping bunny, and the greenest bottles after Dr. Bronner's, with up to 90% PCW for dish soap and aiming for 100%.

More information on choose it/lose it ingredients for ever category of home product can be found in Do One Green Thing: Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices, by GreenerPenny editor Mindy Pennybacker.

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