Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best Green Laundry Detergents

The following laundry detergents mostly have unscented versions, which cuts back on allergies and irritation, and are at least 2 x concentrated, which cuts back on packaging and shipping fuel. They are also free of all or most of the “Lose It” ingredients listed on my home page at, and, and in my new book, Do One Green Thing . Other pluses, such as comparable pricing to conventional brands ($), having no residues of 1, 4 dioxane* in recent Organic Consumers Association tests,, ultra-concentrated formulas (more than 2x) or independent third-party eco seals, such as EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) and Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free) are noted.

Remember, for the sake of the planet and your budget, wash in cold water as much as you can! And hang dry. Thanks!

All Small & Mighty Free & Clear

Arm & Hammer Essentials , $, did have 5 ppm dioxane.

Biokleen 3 x, 64 oz., $

Charlie’s Soap,

Clorox Greenworks
,$, no dioxane

Earth Friendly Products (ECOs)
2-3x, dep on whether top or front loader, $, no dioxane


Greening the Cleaning,

Life Tree,, no dioxane

Martha Stewart Clean, DfE, Leaping Bunny.

Method free & clear, 8x, DfE 50% recycled packaging, certified by Cradle2Cradle (C2C);

Mountain Green 3x concentrated (1 oz. load) discloses all ingredients on website,

Mrs. Meyers; did have 1.5 ppm dioxane.

Planet Ultra,
Certified biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems (did have 6 ppm dioxane)

Seventh Generation, Leaping Bunny Greenest packaging! Moving from 50% post-consumer-recycled (PCW) to 75% and ultimately 100%.

Sun & Earth, $, strong citrus scent.


Vermont Soapworks,

DfE: certified by EPA Design for the Environment as helping protect the environment and safer for families. For more information about EPA’s DfE seal.

Leaping Bunny: certified cruelty-free, not tested on animals

*Dioxane is categorized as a probable human carcinogen in California.

acc to EWG, mfgs can remove dioxane with a simple step, but its presence shows that most of them aren't doing so.


RHurst said...

That's great! I am always looking for new ways to go green. I would love to get some green laundry detergent. Does anyone know if they make organic pet shampoo
? I'd love to get some of that too.

GreenFemme said...

I highly recommend Vermont Soap Company's pet shampoo, the first certified organic pet shampoo on the market, made with organic plant oils and no irritating, toxic synthetic ingredients.
Hopefully many more such humane products will follow!
Do avoid flea and tick shampoos using pyrethroids, which are neurotoxins!