Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will Green & Black's organic chocolate lose taste with Kraft?

A sour Valentine for lovers of chocolate from Green & Black's, the small British concern that makes its bars of bliss from certified organic, fairly traded cacao. American multinational Kraft is swallowing G & B's parent Cadbury, beloved British chocolate for the masses. The New York Times reported that Cadbury, after putting up a valiant fight, has accepted the $19 billion deal.

What of Green & Black? Despite initial worries, Cadbury did not perceivably lower G & B's standards, at least in taste tests by this blogging chocoholic and by Arthur Lubow, who warned about the pending takeover in a Times Op-ed last fall.

Reflecting on when Hershey swallowed Scharffenberger, Lubow writes, "The company...promised not to change the quality of the brand. ..Soon I began noticing a marked deterioration in my beloved 82 percent bar. The texture was chalky. The cherry notes had vanished. It was becoming just another mediocre American chocolate."

Will the same happen to Green & Black's? Think Cheese Whiz,and be forewarned.


kmccurdy said...
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kmccurdy said...

I have noticed a change in the taste of Green & Blacks in the last bar. I was looking on the internet to see if anyone else had.

I eat all flavours of G&B, the last one was the milk chocolate which tastes different, I've been eating it for years so know what it should taste like.

Unfortunately the change is for the worst, it had a more claggy and cloying feel with an oily taste and a nasty after taste lasting for a long time. I hope this was a bar from a bad batch and not Kraft using cheap ingredients. I will try the other flavours to see if there is any difference in them.

tezza said...

I agree. G&B milk chocolate is definitely not the same as before: I emailed them to say the it was brittle and fatty, with an unpleasant after taste. They sent me a bar but it tasted the same, so the bad batch theory, which I held too, is disproved. Have to conclude that G&B tasters thought it was good and passed it, so it's down to my personal preferences. I've lost a treat I enjoyed for years!

Anonymous said...

I've also noticed a change - it doesn't melt in the mouth like it used to. The texture is more like a Cadbury's Dairy Milk than before.

stephen9781 said...


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Chocoholic said...

Just bought 2- 85% G&B bars as a treat after not having for a long time. Texture and taste are not as good, so decided to search web for reason. Oh - Kraft took it over as part of Cadbury's package. Now must abstain from not only Cadbury's chocolates (which are now horrible) but G&B too. Guess I'll have to stick to Lindt until some UK entrepreneur decides to make chocolate the old way without additives and whatever gunk they put in it now!

Tom Garvie said...

The dark chocolate taste different and ingredients are different too. now they add more sugar and less cocoa mass. Next bar is going to be Montezuma