Sunday, November 23, 2008

Top tempered glass food containers and baby bottles

If you can do only one green thing about your microwave, keep plastic containers out of it! This includes readymade meals labeled "microwave safe." When heated, several of these products were found to release toxic doses of Bisphenol A, in tests commissioned by the Milkwaukee Journal Sentinel ."The amounts detected were at levels that scientists have found cause neurological and developmental damage in laboratory animals," the newspaper reported on November 15th. While studies of the chemical has raised concern primarily for its impact upon fetal and infant development, a 2008 study has shown a greater risk of diabetes and heart disease among human adults with the most exposure to BPA. While alarming, it wasn't a surprise to learn that, of the 10 products tested, a can of Enfamil infant formula and a Rubbermaid Premier container made of polycarbonate (#7) leached the most amounts of the chemical. Most food and drink cans are lined with BPA, and polycarbonate is known to contain it. What was unsettling: BPA was also found to migrate out of plastics with the recycling numbers 1, 2, and 5, which have generally been considered to be safer alternatives. These tests, which were overseen by Frederick vom Saal, professor of biology at the University of Missouri, fortify the pediatric environmental health community's warnings against microwaving or heating food or baby formula in plastic containers and bottles of any kind.
Convenient tempered glass containers come in sizes from snack to sandwich to soup to big entrée, and can be safely used to store and reheat food. (Note: In some cases, the products below have PP (#5) plastic lids, which are okay, so long as they don't touch the food.)
Anchor Hocking’s rectangular or rounded dishes in mini to large sizes are sold at
Martha Stewart Glass Everyday Collection containers, at Macy's, or
Vintage Ware glass-lidded containers and svelte Frigoverre Plus with slosh-proof plastic lids can be bought at
Microwavable Pyrex 18-piece glass food container sets are at, where a set of three Frigoverre glass containers is $25.95. Glass baby bottles are made by Bornfree, Evenflo, Medela and Nurturepure.

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